Information Technology


Hosted Survey™ gives you the tools you need to design and implement surveys over the web.


Hostedware will work with you to deliver survey and research technology solutions to your business end-users and department heads with very little effort - yet a lot of bang for the buck. Outsource these types of IT projects to us, or license an Intranet version of our software applications and offer them across all divisions. Either way, we can help you get your survey projects done quickly and effectively, so you can focus on your larger technology concerns.


We know how long your list is, and how much your staff and other resources are in demand. We can help. Your end users will be thrilled at what they can do, and you'll be thrilled to get some of the smaller projects off your plate so you can continue to focus on the bigger items.


Areas of your company that may be conducting web surveys or online testing:


Marketing, Sales and Customer Service - Market Research, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Product Feedback, Web Site Feedback.


Human Resources - Organizational Climate Surveys, Employee Feedback, Job Satisfaction Studies, 360 Feedback Reviews, Performance Appraisals, Exit Surveys.


Corporate Training - Course Evaluations, Needs Assessments, Alumni Surveys, Event Evaluations, Online Testing, Certification.


Legal - Internal Policy and Regulatory Compliance Exams.


IT Help Desk - Help Desk Satisfaction Surveys, Service and Response Feedback, Online Polls, End-user Needs Assessments and Inventories.

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