Membership Associations


Hosted Survey™ can help Membership Associations and other not-for-profit organizations with a wide range of survey, research and member feedback projects. You can use the Hosted Survey™ platform to move paper-based forms and questionnaires online, to capture information in a database, to automate complex processes, to reduce manual data entry, and to integrate with your in-house member database.


Examples of popular projects include:


Member Surveys

Learn more about your members' interests, preferences and needs. Use information collected with surveys to attract new members, to discover the best ways to improve your existing programs, and to offer the right new services, publications and events.


Event Evaluations and Online Registration

Event evaluations give attendees an opportunity to evaluate an event they have attended or are attending, including the content, seminars, educational programs, speakers or instructors, exhibits, specific questions about facilities, resources, location or venue, hospitality, timing, etc., and other aspects of the attendee's overall experience and benefits of attending.


Hosted Survey™can also be used to create your online registration forms, and integrate with your member database and their post-event evaluations.


Offer Hosted Survey™ as a Member Benefit

Private label our survey application and offer it to members as a fee-based service or a value-added benefit. We have a special Channel Partner program for Membership Associations that offers a 40% discount to members, and provides cash rewards and other incentives to the association.

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