Social and Opinion Research


Hosted Survey™ can help social researchers, political pollsters and other public opinion researchers with a wide range of survey, research, polling and voting projects. You can use the Hosted Survey™ platform to move paper-based forms, questionnaires and ballots online, to capture information in a database, to automate complex processes, to reduce manual data entry, and to integrate with other systems and databases.


Examples of popular projects include:


Social Science Research

  • Public Opinion Surveys
  • Behavioral Studies
  • Psychological Studies
  • Economic Studies
  • Resident Climate and Community Studies
  • Government Surveys
  • Political Polls

Online Polling and Voting

Hosted Survey™ can be used as an instant online polling solution, and as a virtual voting booth. Television and radio programs can direct your audience to take an online poll from your corporate web site.


Organizations can develop online ballots to vote on issues, resolutions, and preferences, to elect officials, representatives and board members, and to vote for the winners of competitions and submissions.

Research Partner

Hostedware builds lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with independent researchers, consultants, research organizations, and consulting firms. We provide survey design software, hosting infrastructure, list and panel management, data analysis and reporting services, data cleanup and custom programming. We can help if you are:

  • Bidding on a project
  • Considering outsourcing or co-sourcing an upcoming project
  • Seeking a partner to provide your technical infrastructure and support while you focus on your clients' needs and the intellectual aspects of their requirements
  • Getting more work than you can handle alone, swamped with proposals and bids, reports due, billings late, projects behind schedule... and considering a partner to offload a chunk of the workload, or automate some of the repetitive tasks
  • Simply wanting someone else to do some of the work while you sit back and relax for once...

You determine our level of participation and involvement. We are flexible and work entirely according to your needs. As your partner, helper or solution provider, Hostedware can remain completely invisible throughout every aspect of your project, or act as a third party administrator.


Hosted Survey™ is a suite of software tools and professional services that you can use to design, deliver, administer and analyze surveys for your clients. You can rely on us to be your survey software and solutions provider. We will understand the goals of your project and end-client issues, and we will ensure that all client specifications are met, and expectations exceeded.


Send your Request for Proposal (RFP, RFE, RFC, RFO, RFI or RFQ) to Customer Service and provide us with as much detailed information about your project as you can. We'll arrange a pleasant telephone conversation to get questions answered and discuss details as well. The more we know, the better we are equipped to help you by providing services custom tailored to your needs and preferences.


Send us a copy of your survey draft, and document the goals and issues related to your project. Then, we will be able to provide you with a proposal that is geared toward helping you achieve the results you need. Rest assured that anything you share with us will be held strictly confidential and secure, and we will be happy to enter into a mutual confidentiality agreement during or prior to our discussions and negotiations with you.


Information that will help us prepare a comprehensive proposal document outlining all options and costs include:

  • Length of survey (how many questions)
  • Number of people on distribution list (how many people will be invited to participate)
  • Expected response total (how many people do you anticipate will actually participate)
  • Duration of the survey (how long do you plan your survey to remain active)
  • Administration requirements (if you would like us to provide help desk / call center support to your audience)
  • Results presentation (if and how you would like your data analyzed and presented) We can closely mirror the survey format, or report format, of prior year projects. Send us copies of last year's survey and reports and we will outline how we can reproduce the same or similar format, and even prepare an online demo.

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