Students and Academic Use



Special Hosted Survey™ pricing for accredited Universities, Colleges and other academic research and educational uses. Contact Customer Service for more information.


Teachers, Professors and Classroom Uses

Hosted Survey™ gives you the tools you need to design and implement surveys over the Internet.


We work closely with you and the academic community to continue the development of our survey research applications and services. If you have a specific survey need that may require additional features or enhancements to our application, please contact us. We welcome your suggestions, and may be willing to program the new feature at no additional cost.


We also will consider educational (and fun!) survey or voting projects in the primary through high school grades.


We support the academic community and are committed to helping further education at all levels, in all parts of the world. In addition to our standard academic discounts, Hostedware often sponsors higher education projects that publish results upon conclusion of the research study. Please contact us at Customer Service for a special quote.


We would like to continue our work with the research community to develop principles for the design of web and online surveys. Reliability and validity are two important issues that researchers are concerned with when preparing for projects and deciding on methodologies to implement. If you are a survey methodologist and would like to use our application to test, research, and identify the most desirable practices in conducting scientifically valid Internet surveys, please contact Customer Service for a special quote.


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