Custom Report Samples


Hostedware's customer service experts can convert your raw survey data into meaningful and informative reports and presentations for your exact project or client needs.


The possibilities are limitless. What we do depends upon your preferences and style. Your customized reports are stamped with your logo and become your property as soon as our work is complete. Hostedware's presence remains invisible throughout (unless co-branding or maintaining your own anonymity is requested by you).


Report Samples:


360 Degree Multi-Rater Evaluation


Course Evaluation


Customer Satisfaction 1


Customer Satisfaction 2


Customer Satisfaction 3


Market Research


Member Survey with Trend Analysis


Organizational Climate


Organizational Culture


Team Evaluation (English/Spanish language examples)


Upwards Evaluation


Gap Analysis

Here are some of the things we can do:

  • We can look at the mean rating of any question by group and make comparisons among different population segments.
  • We can compute standard deviations, t-tests, standard error, variances, ANOVA, ANCOVA and any other statistical functions that are
    pertinent to your survey content.
  • We can make computations that will determine whether or not any two variables have a significant correlation with each other.
  • We can perform regression analysis and make predictions about unknown
    or unreachable sample populations.
  • We can present any statistical findings in graphic (bar graphs, pie charts, histograms, etc.), tabular or banner reports.
  • We can distribute printable reports, create interactive slide-show presentations, or host a web page dedicated to your project's results.

Contact Customer Service to discuss your needs and our custom reporting options.