Training & Education


Hosted Survey™ can help Training and Education professionals, institutions, managers and business owners with a wide range of survey, assessment and evaluation projects. You can use the Hosted Survey™ platform to move paper-based forms and questionnaires online, to capture information in a database, to automate complex processes, to reduce manual data entry, and to integrate with your in-house student and alumni databases, and learning management systems.


Examples of popular projects include:


Course Evaluations

Course evaluations gives students an opportunity to evaluate a course they have taken or are taking, including the content, the instructor, the platform (in a computer-based or e-learning environment), specific questions about facilities, resources, location, etc., as well as the student's own performance.


Pre-Test and Post-Test Surveys, Online Registration

In some environments the person taking the test or undergoing certification is unknown. Surveys can be used to gather information about, or to register, the person before or after the test.


Alumni Surveys

The information gathered from alumni surveys can be invaluable. It can assist in efforts with accreditation, recruitment, and fundraising, when applicable. It can also help develop a comprehensive strategy to better serve your alumni population. Assessing your alumni's satisfaction level and increasing their participation can be very beneficial.


Needs Assessments

Anticipating and supporting the needs of the users of educational technologies, programs and services is critical to the success of educational enterprises. Historically, training centers identified as having the best facilities and programs used needs assessments in their instructional development process. Many educational programs have failed at least in part because a needs assessment was not conducted.

Integration with Learning Management Systems

Integrate with your existing back office systems, student database and LMS. Hostedware offers best of breed applications for seamless system-to-system communication. Visit for more information about our online testing solution.

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